Saturday, 21 June 2014

Something a bit different (at Victoria Baths Manchester)

"It was only in about 1937 that they allowed men to wear trunks. I was pleased to have trunks."
Wilfred Holye

Now this is a bit more a personal blog than anything, as it doesn't particularly relate to weddings... not directly at least.

It was nearly this time last year that I met the wonderful Bethan of Haywood Jones Photography at the amazing Photography Farm workshop. Well we kept in touch afterwards and she invited me to come along for the day on what was to be styled shoot at the magnificent Victoria Baths in Manchester.

The Victoria Baths though, I mean, wow, this palce is awesome! If anyone up that way is still looking for a venue, this place has got so much scope for what you could do there. All the rooms are beautiful, and so full of character!

What started as a bridal shoot (with maybe some BMXing) turned into a full blown bike and skateboard affair and in the end it seemed better to split the two apart, and leave the bridal stuff for another day!

I like bikes. and cars, and skateboards. You may see a little more of this appear on the blog form time to time. (but don't worry I'm still a massive girl who can't watch scary films and cannot resist a floral dress or skirt when it comes to shopping....) Thanks Bethan for letting me tag along!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Jen + Matt's Beautiful Holbrook House Wedding

Back on a particularly stunning spring day at the end of March I had the pleasure of recording Jen and Matt's wedding at Holbrook House in Wincanton. The weather was a perfect window of sunshine and warmth in what had been a rainy grey week, and all the spring flowers had sprung - it could not have been better!

Now when I first met Jenny, in my day job in Bath, we were talking dresses, venues and all sort of bits and pieces when she mentioned she was finding it hard to pick a photographer. That's when I stepped in. I showed her a few of my pictures , and it was only then that we realised I'd shot her brother's wedding earlier that year when she spotted her sister-in-law Ali!! Life is full of coincidences!

This wedding day was full of laughter and the tractor was a particularly sweet addition to the day (Matt's a farmer you see...). You guys were so much fun, and it was a privilege to be part of your amazing day! Congratulations again on your amazing news that you are soon to be a family of three :)