Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Steve + Lauren - Coombe Lodge Wedding

Things have been a little bit quiet here on the blog and on the Facebook page of late - which I'm pretty sorry for!
But when I look at an image like this, it reminds me to take a breath. A deep cleansing - right through to my bones breath.

It's not that I haven't been busy I assure you - you know when swans are gliding through the water, but their legs are peddling like mad? It's been just a little bit like that (except I wouldn't say I glide through life with the infinite grace that a swan has...).

There've been wedding, trips to London, trips to Birmingham with the amazing Photography Farm (for Grand Flash Master Adam Bronkhorst's flash course), more weddings and a WHOLE lot of website progress on my part!

Never the less - here the blogging train begins (I am back on it I promise) starting with the ace wedding of Steve and Lauren at Coombe Lodge near Bath.
The guys are lovely - I met then when I worked in Debenhams (the place of dreams) and we kept in touch afterwards. They are super chilled out, and some of the loveliest people you're going to meet.

Here's their day from start to end - overdue, but worth the wait.