Sunday, 25 January 2015

Love in at Brockwell Lido - When your best friends get married...

A little less than 6 months ago now I had the honour of shooting the wedding of a couple of my best friends.  I mean, I suppose it was only fair after the years they've been subjected to me sticking a camera in their face on nights out and weekends away...

It brought up a whole bundle of emotions - with this being the first of my really close friends to get married - I'd have a chance to experience a wedding from the other side, (having got wed myself just a year before them).

A lot of other photographers will warn you off shooting a friends wedding, and I guess I can see why - what happens if you mess something up (I luckily had a safety net in the form of the talented Bethan from Haywood Jones Photography - Bethan I would've been lost without you <3 ), will you miss out on being a guest ( I didn't, don't worry... I think I had ALL the fun) and what if they don't like the photos....

But on the other hand, I think sometimes there needs to be an exception to the rule - it just wouldn't have felt right handing over this baton of responsibility to anyone else, and it made me feel like I was genuinely contributing to helping with their big day in the best way I knew how. (Which after they help they gave me and my boy when we got married was invaluable surely it was the least I could do).

Anyway - This is me sharing their day at Brockwell Lido. It was a low key affair, with a first look in the park, the most stylish travel in a pedicab (loving restored with sweat, blood and I'm pretty sure tears)  and insanely delicious food.

Fond memories guys, fond memories indeed.

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